Pharmaceutical company implementing the project "Transfer of technologies for the production of pharmaceutical substances on the territory of the Russian Federation".


VelAPI is looking for foreign partners of interested organizations of joint production of API in Russia.


VelAPI is ready:

✔ analysis of the Russian market for certain target groups of pharmaceutical substances (volumes, competitors, prices, trends, etc.);

✔ selection of the production site;

✔ to conduct licensing of production;

✔ register the API;

✔ sell products;

✔ to act as a partner in the creation of a new production or other forms of cooperation.


Production of API

Project for the production of pharmaceutical substances:

✔ Organization of modern production of API, included in the program of import substitution of the Russian Federation;

✔ Decrease in the cost of API for the implementation of the complex task of import substitution and reduction of the cost of finished medicines in the Russian Federation;

✔ Development of new production technologies for the API in cooperation with specialists of the Russian Academy of Sciences;

✔ Certification of production according to international GMP.

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