Warehouse logistics

Basic storage:

✔ Storage of conventional goods:
> 10 000 pallet positions

✔ Storage of oversized goods (sized over 80 cm х 120 cm х 160 cm):
> 1 000 pallet positions

✔ Storage of temperature-dependent preparations (+2°C…+8°C) and (+8°C…+15°C):
> 700 pallet positions

✔ Storage of narcotic and psychotropic preparations:
> 200 pallet positions

Unloading / loading:

✔ Mechanized operations;

✔ Manual operations.

Acceptance at the warehouse:

✔ Control of goods according to their name, batch number, bar code;

✔ Pallet assembly with bulk handling after unloading goods;

✔ Deconsolidation of mixed pallets by cases.

Batching and control of orders:

✔ Case picking by pallets;

✔ Case picking by cases (inventory control by batches);

✔ Case picking for retail orders (inventory control by batches);

✔ Packaging of ordered goods;

✔ Labelling of goods;

✔ Stocktaking by request of the customer;

✔ Preparing shipping documents and waybills.


Shipping logistics



Customs support:

✔ Organizing deliveries of imported/exported cargoes;

✔ Obtaining authorization documents required for importation of goods into the territory of the Customs Union:

✚ import licenses;

✚ declarations of conformance;

✚ certificates of compliance;

✚ import licenses for potent and narcotic drugs.

✔ Consulting on issues of foreign economic activities;

✔ Assigning customs commodity codes;

✔ Calculating customs duties;

✔ Preparing packages of documents for customs processing;

✔ Online customs filing.


Domestic transportation

Delivering goods and freight shipping to Moscow and to the Moscow Region. A possibility of delivering potent drugs and narcotic drugs by groupage freight trucks, with observing the temperature conditions, in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Organization of deliveries of goods within the territory of the Russian Federation and the Customs Union.


For foreign partners

Bright Way llc is ready to support the development of markets for foreign partners to the Russian and the countries of the Customs Union:

✔ analysis of the Russian market for certain target groups of medicines (volumes, competitors, prices, trends, etc.);

✔ to select possible options for the location of the production site, to conduct licensing of production, to register API and finished medicines, etc.

✔ to select a Russian partner for the joint production of substances and finished medicines, to offer the most effective form of cooperation;

✔ implement projects on contract manufacturing and technology transfer;

✔ to act as a partner in the creation of a new production or other forms of cooperation in the territory of the Russian Federation and the countries of the Customs Union;

✔ to implement on the Russian market production technologies and dossiers for medicines;

✔ to hold consultations on the procedure of delivery to the territory of the Customs Union;

✔ prepare permits for import.


For Russian manufacturer

Bright Way llc is ready to provide the Russian manufacturer with the following areas of cooperation:

✔ organize delivery of high-quality pharmaceutical substances, equipment, packaging, auxiliary substances;

✔ in the framework of mastering the production of new drugs by Russian enterprises, to select manufacturers of pharmaceutical substances that produce high-quality raw materials at competitive prices and are ready to provide all necessary documents, as well as carry out the registration process;

✔ assistance in obtaining the dossier and working out the technology of production of finished medicines;

✔ promotion of products of Russian manufacturers in various markets, in particular, Latin America, Africa, Asia;

✔ organize audit by representatives of Russian manufacturing enterprises in China, India, Europe;

✔ improve the level of logistics and quality of supply.

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